Space Marshals 2

Continuation of the popular on the mobile platforms isometric shooter. The game will delight you with beautiful graphics, various levels and several options for passing.

Almost any location can be overcome in stealth mode, or break in and crumble all enemies. In the breaks will have to equip our fighter, because with each mission the number of enemies will grow.

Pass the last 20-30 minute skirmishes without death will not turn out every lover of shooters.

For whom: the game will appreciate all fans of shooters and games with the secretive passage of missions.

At the time of its appearance, the Space Marshals tactical stealth shooter, made in a sci-fi style, made an extremely positive impression on both critics and players. And this is not surprising because the creators of the game have literally worked out all the elements important to the game, beautiful graphics, impressive game content, convenient and simple control, the ability to use various plug-in devices and of course the gameplay that has been thoroughly explored. And here Pixelbite studio decided to please us with the continuation of the game under the quite logical name of Space Marshals 2, the game was originally released for the iPad and IPhone platforms, but now the time has come for Android devices.

The sequel is a kind of plot continuation of the first part, you still have to play the role of Burton and search for the escaped criminals. However, of course, the novelty was refined and received a lot of innovations. It is worth noting that for a comfortable game you need a fairly powerful device.

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