Bully: Anniversary Edition

Bully: Anniversary Edition

At one time, this “school GTA” passed by me, initially in 2005 the game was exclusively console, and after a few years, when it was ported to a PC, there were enough other interesting projects.

I enjoyed playing the game after the release on iOS and recommend it to you. The growing up of a difficult teenager in a specialized school is not inferior in intensity to the adventures of gangsters in any of the games in the GTA series.

Bully: Anniversary Edition

We have before us a small but saturated open world with many main and secondary tasks, several vehicles and a dozen types of weapons. You can become a diligent student and attend all classes, performing mini-games, and you can become a real leader of one of the local gangs.

For whom: will appeal to all those who prefer games with an open world and freedom of action of the protagonist.

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