Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

Brothers Tale Two Sons

Another developer from Starbreeze, characterized by high quality performance and attention to detail. Adventure story about two brothers who went for the elixir for a sick father, abounds in landscapes and characters from Scandinavian mythology. The gameplay of Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons is also very peculiar – you have to control two characters at the same time, which is quite unusual on the first pass.

Brothers Tale Two Sons

With age, the uplifting of the world changes, and the world itself changes, too. The eyes begin to see everything as it is in reality, and all the fruits of obobrazheniya are passed through the millstones of logic and meaning.

And the meaning of everything in the world is changing. And it is impossible to take it so easily and return the mystery of magic, because you need to earn money and pay for an apartment.

Only fairy tales remain. Fairy tales are stimulants that encourage imagination and make you believe in a miracle for at least a few minutes. And Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – a great fairy tale.

Brothers Tale Two Sons

After watching the clips, it may seem that the Brothers is a normal cooperative adventure like Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, but without shooting, and instead of dark tombs – pastoral natural landscapes. Two brothers, the eldest and the youngest, consistently solve simple riddles, help each other move through precipices, pull levers, twist some mechanisms …

But there is one “but”: there is no co-op here. You control both brothers and do it at the same time. The left stick of the joystick is the elder brother, the right stick is the younger. Interaction with the outside world hung, respectively, on the “trigger”.

At first, the brain perceives it as if you somehow decided to write with both hands – from left to right and from right to left at once. A particularly powerful pattern break occurs when the elder brother is to the right of the younger one – you do not immediately understand why the inversion suddenly turned on. After three or four hours of play, it is already difficult to do something with two hands – writing without typos, for example. But you will be surprised at what your left hand is capable of (or your right hand if you are left-handed).

But here’s the beauty: such non-standard management cleanses the mind of extraneous thoughts. It turns out a funny effect – it’s like listening to a beautiful story through an upcoming dream. As if you are returning to those times when almost any story seemed magical, and no one even doubted the existence of magic.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – a fairy tale a little cruel, a little bloody, like the stories of the Grimm brothers. So sad, like Andersen’s. But still kind, sweet and – most importantly! – really magic.

Brothers Tale Two Sons

In this world there is everything: abandoned castles, mountain trolls, and giants, and warlike tribes, and creepy monsters … Events and scenery replace each other, and the two brothers all go and go to their goal. My father became fatally ill, there is only one way to help him – go to distant lands, find the tree of life and bring its healing juice.

This story is clear without words. Although the brothers communicate in an unknown language, this does not interfere with perception at all – here are completely familiar archetypes and motifs from European folklore. Both child and adult will understand.

Where the monsters live
As in Journey, no one will tell you what to do or where to run – everything is intuitive. On the journey, the brothers will meet other characters who are happy to help in this difficult task. A crazy professor, for example, will share his hang-glider invented the other day, and if you solve a simple puzzle and play on a huge organ, he will also dance on the table.

The Brothers are very many small, completely optional parts, for which no one will give you anything (well, except that “achivku”), they themselves are a gift. For example, you will often meet shops, where you can take a rest, admiring the mountains sparkling in the sun or green hills. And for some reason I want to sit on each of them.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is charmingly beautiful, as befits a fairy tale. Weather conditions replace each other; we either find ourselves in caves, then in a dark forest, then wander through the gorges, then we find ourselves on the battlefield of giants … And everyone is everyone! – the pebble lies so that it looks beautiful. When I pressed a pause to record this thought, I got a picture of amazing beauty: snow-covered mountains in the distance, snow to the horizon, a skinny fir covered in a snowy hat in the foreground and a majestic northern lights overhead.

When various unpleasant people say that Crysis 3 is visually perfect, just show them Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. After all, it’s not about high resolution textures and shader shaders. It’s about love that people put into their work.

Brothers never stands still, never repeats. Repetitions are boring. Every five minutes, everything changes, each gameplay finding is unique, each task is unique.

The brothers, by virtue of their age, have different features: the older one is stronger, which means, for example, he can carry weights, while the younger one creeps easily through the bars of the lattice. The elder brother pats the sleeping farmer on the shoulder, while the younger one, laughing defiantly, splashes water on his face. The elder will simply look into a deep well, and the younger one will even spit there.

Sometimes these little scenes look so touching that tears come to light. And it is not clear, either from longing for childhood, or from simple happiness.

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