Banner Saga

The Banner Saga

An exciting RPG with step-by-step combat system, the action of which takes place on the Scandinavian Peninsula. The local population, divided into races of people and warls, is in danger in the form of an invasion of unknown mechanisms, with the former preferring to leave the dangerous territories, while the latter decide to take an unequal battle. They were collecting money for the development of Banner Saga by the whole world on Kickstarter – so, this plot is to the liking of many fans of the genre.

The Banner Saga is a hike. Not a walk through the forest with an overnight stay, but a difficult, seemingly endless path through the lands of chaos, rolling into the abyss, with short stops on rare islands of civilization.

From the west coast, envoys of the horned giant warls, commanded by the experienced fighter Warl Hakon, keep their way. From the east, an elderly hunter named Hand leads a handful of helpless villagers. His people flee from the advancing wave of dredge, stone idols, which the gods created for the sole purpose – to serve as a common enemy for the warls and people and not allow them to clash with each other in another destructive war.
Both sides have their own problems, but both the Hands and Hakon are driven by huge caravans – such is the peculiar Oregon Trail, except in Nordic tones and without dysentery. A carriage harnessed by a yak and hundreds of peasants, warriors and giants wander between plot “stops”, flies by day after day, and the food supplies and mood in the caravan are constantly decreasing.

Properly managing these two quantities is our main task at this stage. Left without food, the participants of the campaign will begin to die one by one, and the endless march without stopping does not contribute to the heights of fighting spirit and attitude. At any time you can camp and rest for a few days – but the supplies are again not endless, but it can be very far to the next village, where they can be replenished.

However, a hike is not only a concern for food and fighting spirit. What a trip without trouble on the road ?! Okay, Hakon, he is followed by warriors and mighty warls who can stand up for themselves, but Ruk, saving hundreds of simple peasants from death, is buried in the neck. Now people will think of stealing supplies, then someone will set fire to the wagon, and sometimes it will be necessary to separate hot heads – sheer trouble! Each of them is a small dilemma, which can be resolved in many ways. To punish the guilty, to forgive or expel, and you can not intervene at all, try to study the problem more carefully – all this will somehow lead to some consequences. You decide, for example, to barter supplies from the oncoming merchants – and a day or two later it will be discovered that the rations were spoiled. And the food, and the mood, and part of the warriors – under the tail, and in fact nothing foretold …

However, even in the sea of ​​misfortunes there are islands of hope. Beloved daughter Aletta, more expensive than which Ruka has no one and nothing, will make a necklace for her father – and not simple, but magical. Dust on the road will foreshadow not a crowd of dredgey, but a warlord patrol, who will willingly join the guard of our caravan. Sometimes he would strike one of his companions and comrades — a sullen Varver Ayver, who has much more skeletons in the closet than it seems at first glance — or the twin brothers of Högun and Megun, or the daring, but moved on the whole head, Traggi tracker, and many others. Not everyone will live to the end of the campaign, because the one and only wrong decision. The hand can be fatal for them.

Varlam is also not boring, they have their own entertainment – from the arrogant attacks of the human Prince Lyudin “It will be, in my opinion” to challenge the orders of Hakon, but the campaign of people with its atmosphere of the “great outcome” is much easier to feel. To begin to empathize with the heroes, to try to save the life of one and all – and it is hard to bear any loss. The game plunges into itself gradually, imperceptibly, forcing to penetrate the plot twists and turns, the relationship of the characters and the spirit of the impending catastrophe, from which it remains only to run.

Elections from everyday life go to the existential, and the consequences are not long in coming. You begin to think about them, weigh the pros and cons – and when the result sticks a knife in your back, you curse yourself for your short-sightedness. Not to turn off the plot path, but the number of decisions that have to be made allows us to weave history in our own way – and put our own saga on the marching banner.

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